Adopting an omni-channel approach to customer service

12 January 2021

In today’s rapidly growing tech savvy era, clients want to be more in control and aim at instant gratification. Whereby, brands are focusing their attention in developing omni-channel strategies in enhancing brand experience and craft a long-lasting customer-centric relationship. What’s more, digital natives find it agitating when having to repeat the same information over the interacting channels with a customer service advisor.

Therefore, an omni-channel based approach ensures a smooth transition from one channel to another, by collecting the data gained in every interaction across various channels. This single screen incorporation of data provides customer service advisors with a holistic view of the customer journey. Consequently, they are able to provide personalized services without having to switch systems. An imperative to this stands a reduced average handle time, a higher first contact resolution and a long-lasting value!

According to Gladly Software Inc, 77% of customers tend to recommend a brand that offers
personalized service and 86% expect that the brand already recognizes
their interaction as they switch from channel to channel.

At SPEEEX LLC omnichannel customer service is defined as a network of highly qualified individuals, processes and technology synthesized in delivering a seamless CX. Its holistic methodology includes:

a) Organizational Culture; An avid importance is given to the recruitment and training of the right individual profiles and empowering them towards a supportive CX service. Our carefully crafted BPO educational platform SPEEEX Education stands as an interlinked bridge among the motivated youngsters and their future career as a CX advisors.

b) Process Flow: The following is an imperative to operational excellence, by utilizing workflow map, quality management systems and business process improvement (BPI). The latter is characterized by a lean method towards re-engineering.

c) Technology: With an integrated CRM collaboration platform, SPEEEX LLC has integrated an end-to-end solution that equips its CX advisors with skills necessary in delivering top-notch results such as; data driven decision making, proactive analytics, detailed statistical reporting etc.

As a global Business Process Outsourcing provider, SPEEEX LLC has fostered an organizational culture distinguished by continual improvement, thus, partnered with iconic brands in delivering high-touch CX solutions!

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