Nearshoring CX Solutions for D-A-CH Region Companies

25 August 2021

The DACH region is considered to be the most advanced economical regions in the world, a region reflecting high standards and continuous industrial development. An abbreviation DACH stands for D-Deutschland, A-Austria and CH- Confederation Helvetica, as such, it refers to the German speaking part of Europe. What’s more, digitization is profoundly changing the economic landscape in terms of the product & service delivery. Whereby, enquirers from customers to the product & service providers are continuously on the rise in terms of volume and quality.

According to an survey conducted by Hannover Messe 70% of the DACH companies in the retail branch have capitalized on improving their customer experience due to ongoing disruptions caused by the global shifts of COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the above-noted statement, study conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers 62% of the participants surveyed in the telecom industry note that quality of the solution and speed processing are among the most important criteria when interacting with a company. In contrary,  AT Kearney’s report, favors Eastern Europe as a robust region for near shoring emphasizing the Republic of Kosovo, Romania and Bulgaria as focus countries.

What exactly is near-shoring?

According to Oxford definitions, Near-shoring is defined as the practice of transferring business operations to a nearby country. This type of outsourcing combines best of both worlds by linking cultural similarities with the host country. Hence, the following business model is depicted by maintaining cost efficiencies and retaining the social familiarity.

Looking for an outsourcing partner?

As a reliable outsourcing partner specialized in the customer experience management SPEEEX LLC has pursued the strategy of differentiation via excellent customer service. Furthermore, SPEEEX’s digital transformation leverages its clients holistic performance based solutions which includes a combination of human talent and technology. This in turn as enabled the company to handle millions of customer interactions annually within its 5 locations in the South Eastern Europe by employing approximately 1500 customer service advisors.  In enhancing its Kaizen driven business model followed by incremental improvements, SPEEEX is one of few business process outsourcing providers in SEE to have certified its management system with six international ISO Standards including; ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 20000-1:2019, ISO 22301:2013, ISO 27701:2019 and BS 10012:2017.

Off the most differentiating hallmark features of SPEEEX are its nearshore capabilities for the DACH region companies. It’s strategically chosen location of South Eastern Europe provides its respective clients with a multilingual service delivery and multi functional cross sectorial support.

Utilizing a symbiosis of human and technology has enabled SPEEEX to reflect an value proposition consisting off:

–      Omni channel Orchestration

–      Customer Care

–      CX Consulting & Strategy

–      CX Analytics

–      Digital Automation via AI

–      Knowledge Management Solutions

 For over a decade SPEEEX has been serving its clients by managing a broad range of organizational processes including: front office and back office systems, technical support and help desk with a synergy of human and automated solutions.

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