Overcoming COVID-19 vaccine challenges through Customer Experience

18 January 2021

As humanity celebrates the rollout of the novel vaccines, it aspires towards adopting the new normal. Indeed, according to the prominent American physician & immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci, for vaccination to achieve herd immunity more than 85% of the population needs to be vaccinated

Nonetheless, the vaccination program with the respective Pficer/BioNtech and Moderna vaccines faces a number of challenges that is related to the informative aspect of its development and distribution of the public opinion. Questions such as; availability, precautions, priority groups and other relevant general information can be efficiently resolved via an automated customer experience management looked upon the citizen health concerns.

Practically, customer experience can overcome the above-mentioned challenges via:

a) Efficient Enquiry Handling: Through an omni-channel digital integrated approach via: chat, call management, messaging, and livestream, CX can assist in overcoming the hurdles of surging incoming interaction volumes.

 b) Enhance Public trust: Importantly, properly trained customer service advisors can provide real-time knowledgeable insights and clear instructions for the skeptical citizens concerned with immunization and safety.

c) Forecast & Data Management: Notably, appointment scheduling by reaching myriad of diverse demographic groups of population via both inbound & outbound calls will encourage higher engagement and provide a smooth scheduling management.

Accordingly, overcoming outlandish claims and misinformation concerning
vaccine rollout should be a top nationwide propriety and with the support of CX
channels could ensure a factual based approach towards continuous public education. 

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