Speeex Innovation

Inspiring entrepreneurs,
Fostering Innovation!

SPEEEX Innovation is a hub that aims to interconnect the development modules into the business sectors.

Its prime focus is supporting the young
entrepreneurs commercially and enabling
thriving communities.

Jointly with innovative students, startups and well-established companies around the world, we collaborate on innovation beyond contemporary boundaries.

Startup Accelerator

It’s a 6 months long on-site mentors driven program, primarily sales and scaling focused with a fundraising component helping teams be in a position to raise the next funding round within 6 months.

Importantly, SPEEEX Innovation shall enable young entrepreneurs to seed investment programs in order to accelerate their venture.


Hackathon’s at SPEEEX Innovation bring together people from across the businesses to seek different ways of solving a problem.

We challenge entrepreneurs to reimagine an idealized method for addressing a given customer need. Our overall goal is improving customer experience among industries.


SPEEEX Innovation’s incubator provides a collaborative program for creative ideas!

By providing workspaces, mentoring and training we aim at increasing the success rates of startup launchings and commercializing their journey through the market.


Our maker spaces provide hands-on and creative ways to encourage youngsters to design, develop and invent.

At our makerspace, the members may involve themselves in science labs, art rooms and test labs while practising the method of STEAM learning in enhancing their understanding & engagement in engineering, mathematics, art, literature and social sciences.

By enchanting a human-centered approach to innovation, we collaborate alongside our partners to ignite transformational thinking, unlock new values, by using emerging technology