Speeex Solutions

Continuously aim at
Transforming the Experience

At SPEEEX we continuously aim at transforming the customer engagement and creating a seamless customer experience.

Your customers will be contacting an environment which shall offer to them an integrated multilingual experience and ultimate satisfaction.

In those terms, we high take into consideration the changing customer behaviors and demographics in providing human centric services. We provide our services in these languages:
🇩🇪 🇫🇷 🇮🇹 🇬🇧

Inbound Services

Inbound Customer Services

Dynamic Email Chat support
Complaint handling
Data verification services
Order taking
Order processing
Technical support
Personalize acquisition strategies

Acquisition & Enrollment

Customer support across the complete service lifecycle
Customer retention, reactivation and re-acquisition
Customer activation
Customer education
Customer profiling
Help Desk Services

Technical Support

Installation and activation support
Remote troubleshooting & diagnostic toolset
First Level Support - Standard technical issues
Second Level Support - Complex issues requiring
sophisticated troubleshooting


Inbound Sales
Cross Selling and Up-Selling
E-commerce support
Service to Sales

Outbound Services

B2B/B2C Customer Acquisition

Generating leads
Strengthening brand perception
Updating Industry Data
Order handling
Customer Profiling
Customer Education

Face To Face

Real time customer engagement
1-to-many live video chat solutions
Collection reminders
Multilingual/bilingual capabilities


Lead Generation
Appointment Scheduling
Market Research
Survey collection
Warranty Program Sales

Data Procesing

Data reconciliation and review
Updating of industry data
Strengthening of brand perception
Desk research
Event registration

Aditional Services

Back Office

Back-Office Fraud Prevention
Back-Office Order Management
Back-Office Case Management
Back-Office Billing
Back-Office Coding
Back-Office Collection

Digitalization Services

Dynamic Online FAQ’s
Smart Contact Forms
Chat or app integration
IVR Handling & Construction
Emergency calling

Strategic Solutions

System integration
Managed Services
Online support including remote browsing services
Feedback Management
Returns Management

Interpretation and Translation

Translation of written projects
In-person interpreting
Localization of websites and software’s
Testing/training of bilingual interpreter